Set of twelve Concrete

Each150 x 150 x 50mm


To develop a series of merged artwork which are cross cultural and cross-border according to “Blueprint”My art life has been started from “Blueprint”! Since 2000, I have started to create a series of artwork – “Blueprint” in which its fundamental concept is to combine and extend a series of visual artwork, and finally become ONE in different combination.  


BLUEPRINT﹣Twelve   藍圖﹣十二

Ink on Paper

12300mm W x 3500mm H x 1600mm D


2012 BLUEPRINT Light in the Dark(Combination 7)

Light in the Dark is the searching of light in cities, contrasting with the source of light inside our heart.

Art, which always shine in vain, is the moment where truth reveals. On the surface, all are forced together to surrender and become a value. Light-spots in the dark, is the stories of all hopes and frustrations. Light is tiny, but it shines to exist. It struggles to beam in weakness, in such a yeasty process, you own your body specifically.

Place the limited all in your hand the hollow space. Such encounter sparkles vividly in the arena of darkness.

2012 藍圖 ﹣逆光(組合7)

逆光 是找尋城市的光源,並對照著內心的光源之描繪。

藝術!總是在虛無背景下發光的東西,是真理顯現的一刻。 在畫面上,總是要我們把全部都交上而成為意義。 夜裡的光點,是一個個希望和絕望的故事。 光是微小,但總是耀眼的存在。

從弱小中掙扎發光,這種充滿熱情的過程中!使你具體地擁有了身體。 把手上有限的全部,投進虛空中。 這樣的相遇,在黑暗的舞台中熱烈地發光。

《2012 Two Ocean Art Exhibition Exhibition (Solo Exhibition)》

BLUEPRINT﹣Light in the Dark(Combination 7)

藍圖﹣逆光 (組合7)

4R Photos

3020mm W x 2120mm H x 12200mm D


2012 BLUEPRINT BLUEPRINT The Lost of Land (Level 4) (Choi Yuen Village - Causeway Bay - Tsim Sha Tsui)

From Choi Yuen Village Life to Consumerism in Causeway Bay. This piece of artwork is to explore land use.  From the private use of land to its disappearance; from the incident of Choi Yuen Village to fashion shop in Causeway Bay; from village life to popular consumerism.  Different land uses are revealed on the same ground.

The artwork is presented in repeated and unlimited reflecting structure. The content is a purpose, adding different time and place to the same content, and condensing it. Then, the origin of content starts losing, and finally, time and place become its main content. The lost of the origin reveals "Forgetting the Existence"

2012迷失的土地 (第4層) (菜園村 - 銅鑼灣 - 尖沙咀)


作品使用重複及反射之結構展示,內容是一種題引,在相同內容下加入不同時間和空間,不斷濃縮,原初之內容開始迷失,時間和空間成其主要內容。這一種原初之迷失,揭示著 ﹣存在之遺忘。

《2012 Two Ocean Art Exhibition Exhibition (Solo Exhibition)》


BLUEPRINT﹣The Lost of Land (LEVEL 4)

(Choi Yuen Village - Causeway Bay- Tsim Sha Tsui)

藍圖 ﹣迷失的土地 (第4層)

(菜園村 - 銅鑼灣 - 尖沙咀)

4R Photos

8620mm W  x 2420mm H   x 2700mm D


2012 BLUEPRINT Original . Lost (LEVEL 5)

This series of artwork is to explore the relationship between creation, repetition and use.  Creation was occurred at the very beginning.  The first piece of artwork in this series reveals in the first scene, and then are copied, re-combined and used in the second scene; and then copied and re-combined again so as to used in the third scene.  As such, the structures of these series occur repeatedly and extend to other scene. 

2012 藍圖 ﹣原初.迷失 (第5層)


《2012 Two Ocean Art Exhibition Exhibition (Solo Exhibition)》


藍圖 ﹣原初 迷失 (第5層)

Set of Eighteen Paintings, Ink on Paper

Each 730 x 1000mm


Artworks housed:

《Museu de Arte de Macao (The Macao Museum of Art)》

Artwork which were involved, launched and selected in competitions & exhibitions:

《2008 Beyond the Surface Chinese Abstract Art (in Museu de Arte de Macau)》

《2000 L' art de Vivre la Difference( in Paris )》

BLUEPRINT﹣The Tower of Babel

藍圖 ﹣巴別塔

Set of Three Acrylic on Board

Each 1500 x 1500mm


《1999 Nokia Arts Awards Asia Pacific Visions of Your Future ( in Hong Kong & Singapore )》



Set of fifty-five Concrete

Each 950 x 250 x 50mm





2400 x 1640 x 50mm


BLUEPRINT﹣Line of Love


Computer Rendering


Each 920 x 260 x 50mm




Set of Four Computer Rendering knitting(Yarn)

Each1500 x 2000mm


《2001 Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennal》




3000 x 3000 x 50mm


I bring along with me the mechanical routine to the plain. Wish to get free and relieve the sorrow from heart until nothing is left inside.




BLUEPRINT﹣The Tower of Babel



1066 X 2438mm



Leave the most spectacular land to look for magnificent scenery. Leave the plain to look for the ample space. Leave the beloved but long to see her beautiful face. Wait for the "awareness" and "restoration". Stop at the ultimate search. In the silent reminiscence, return to the pure land. 

離開最美之地找那美麗的風景。離開了草原找那廣闊的空間。離開最愛的她盼望看到她美麗的臉。一切都等待著 ‘醒覺’ 及 ‘回歸’。在極盡的找尋中停下。安靜地回想,回到那純真之地。

《2006, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Chung Chi Christian Festival》















Set of three  Paintings

watercolour on Paper

Each 990 x 730mm


In a multi-dimensional world, life interacts in different time and space, the Mediator relates them. Thoughts can be communicated, power can be extended, until all may become one together.


《1996 Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennal》

The Mediator  聯繫

My art life started from Blueprint!

Since 2000, I have started to develop a series of BLUEPRINT artwork. The concepts of the creation were about dispersion and combination, individuals and groups and also the city and the nature. The process of creation was from small individual, deconstruction and reconstruction; complete artwork composed of numerous individuals. “The creation of one artwork for a lifetime” is to find a way of connection, and different world become ONE.  This is the process of idealizing the world and building up a utopia – a picture of oneself and the world,

Thought makes the world a picture. This is a picture which is describable and controllable. This is a process of rationalizing the world and pursuing the pleasure of grasping the world.

“The Tower of Babel” - the first imagination of Blueprint - represents a concentration of energy.  The concentration of beliefs forms a religion; the concentration of resources forms a government; the concentration of structure forms a tower.  This is the set up of a utopia under rationalism.  It builds a tower to get on for the subject.  Differentiation, positioning, storage and use are the main texture of the urban structure; they are also the structure of “the Tower of Babel”. 

Another imagination of BLUEPRINT is the background of “the Tower of Babel” - “the Grassland” which is a vast and natural space that embraces “the Tower of Babel”.  This is another imagination of unity: the nature embraces all creation and is also the origin of all creation.  “The Tower of Babel” brings an entrance to the modern world; “the Grassland” opens the road of returning to the origin of the world.

Opposite to the Tower of Babel, “a Mountain” is another end of the Grassland.  If the Tower of Babel is the accumulation of structure, it can be deconstructed and extended on the Grassland.  Going up a mountain is the process of elimination and simplification.   It can be said as a journey back home, from city landscape to the Grassland.   Going up a mountain and returning to the origin of self.

The creation process of Blueprint is basically divided into the following stages:

1. The Grassland – recording the revelation of nature, and recalling Monogolian grassland

2. The Babel – introspecting religion, exploring the relationship between the Creator and Existence

3. The Light in Darkness – entering into the grassland of inner mind to encounter with the inner light

4. The Origin – recalling original and simple life, accusing the complicated but modern era, and entering into this complication to experience the lost.

Finally, “In One” is an important element of Blueprint, which is expecting the future path of art.  The past, the present, the future, all is put together to form Blueprint.

Ink on Wood

2440mm W x 1220mm H


堅固的結構,溶解了。印像被沖洗,流出一些空間,‭ ‬看不清,捉不緊,是閉上眼睛的前奏。流動,凝固,流動;‭ ‬組合,分解,組合。



也把時間,觀念,知識,規律,結構,‭ ‬體系,‭ ‬宗教,‭ ‬道德,制度,革命,對抗,都溶化了。這是怎樣的力量?以一為整數,去讀取這世界,這一大遍,不知名的,奇形怪狀的,踢走了判斷和分析,這是一個不須要安全感的世界,是依靠勇氣和信念前進。

BLUEPRINT﹣Dissolved City



Mix medium (Leaf, hay, Sticker )   混合媒介(樹葉,乾草,膠紙) 

1800W x 1800H x 150Dmm

In the wilderness, let go of Blueprint, wandering around, equalized lines of ups and downs.  Return, await and insist.


2015 BLUEPRINT﹣Wilderness 40 藍圖﹣曠野40


Mix medium (Leaf, Concretes)  混合媒介(樹葉, 混凝土) 

4000mm x 600mm

Full of light in the dark, searching for the source of light in the air and filling the body with emptiness.

夜裡充滿光, 尋找放在空中的光源, 把虛空填上身體。

2015 BLUEPRINT -  Shadow at Midnight 藍圖 – 影子


Sticker 膠紙

2500W x 3200H x 1000Dmm


2015 BLUEPRINT﹣Grassland  藍圖﹣草原