BLUEPRINT﹣Light in the Dark(Combination 7)

藍圖﹣逆光 (組合7)

Ink on Paper

12300mm W x 3500mm H x 1600mm D



Light in the Dark is the searching of light in cities, contrasting with the source of light inside our heart.

Art, which always shine in vain, is the moment where truth reveals. On the surface, all are forced together to surrender and become a value. Light-spots in the dark, is the stories of all hopes and frustrations. Light is tiny, but it shines to exist. It struggles to beam in weakness, in such a yeasty process, you own your body specifically.

Place the limited all in your hand the hollow space. Such encounter sparkles vividly in the arena of darkness.

逆光 是找尋城市的光源,並對照著內心的光源之描繪。



夜裡的光點,是一個個希望和絕望的故事。 光是微小,但總是耀眼的存在。


把手上有限的全部,投進虛空中。 這樣的相遇,在黑暗的舞台中熱烈地發光。

《2012 Two Ocean Art Exhibition Exhibition (Solo Exhibition)》

BLUEPRINT﹣Light in the Dark(Combination 7)