BLUEPRINT﹣The Lost of Land (LEVEL 4)

(Choi Yuen Village - Causeway Bay- Tsim Sha Tsui)

藍圖 ﹣迷失的土地 (第4層)

(菜園村 - 銅鑼灣 - 尖沙咀)

4R Photos

3020mm W x 2120mm H x 12200mm D



From Choi Yuen Village Life to Consumerism in Causeway Bay. This piece of artwork is to explore land use.  From the private use of land to its disappearance; from the incident of Choi Yuen Village to fashion shop in Causeway Bay; from village life to popular consumerism.  Different land uses are revealed on the same ground.

The artwork is presented in repeated and unlimited reflecting structure. The content is a purpose, adding different time and place to the same content, and condensing it. Then, the origin of content starts losing, and finally, time and place become its main content. The lost of the origin reveals "Forgetting the Existence"


作品使用重複及反射之結構展示,內容是一種題引,在相同內容下加入不同時間和空間,不斷濃縮,原初之內容開始迷失,時間和空間成其主要內容。這一種原初之迷失,揭示著 ﹣存在之遺忘。

《2012 Two Ocean Art Exhibition Exhibition (Solo Exhibition)》

2001 Blueprint FOCUS & OVERVIEW Exhibition