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簡介 Introduction:

曾思允 - 以針線穿透布料,有如穿透內心,展現童年的痕跡,雖然是建築一帳幕,也是重新建構對家的感知。

張浩強 - 在黑夜中繪畫草原,這是一個治療和釋放的過程。

Artist Information:

曾思允 Iris Tsang See Wan  

長於英國、美國加州及香港, 曾思允曾於加利福尼亞州修讀時裝設計, 2013年畢業於香港中文大學藝術系。以針線於布料及衣物創作,展現人內在情感的冥想和治療過程。

Iris Tsang See Wan was born in the United States, grew up and educated in the United States, England and Hong Kong. Tsang graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong majoring Fine Arts in 2013. Explored in the wide spectrum of textile art, from practising natural dyeing and traditional weaving to constructing techno-wearable art, Tsang believes art-making is a form of expression as well as a therapeutic journey one takes with oneself. With a mix of reality and fantasies through fabric art and mixed media installations, personal struggles as well as universal human experience are portrayed through and translated to an internal quest of art shared with audience, with wit, sorrow, laughter and more. Tsang’s artwork has been shown in METALAB/ RETICULAR, France, The Icelandic Textile Center, Iceland, Art Experience Gallery, Hong Kong and EC Gallery, Hong Kong.

張浩強 Edward Cheung





Since 2000, I have started to develop a series of BLUEPRINT artwork. The concepts of the creation were about dispersion and combination, individuals and groups and also the city and the nature. The process of creation was from small individual, deconstruction and reconstruction; complete artwork composed of numerous individuals. “The creation of one artwork for a lifetime” is to find a way of connection, and different world become ONE.  This is the process of idealizing the world and building up a utopia – a picture of oneself and the world,

Thought makes the world a picture. This is a picture which is describable and controllable. This is a process of rationalizing the world and pursuing the pleasure of grasping the world.

日期 Date:15/9, 16/9, 22/9, 23/9,  2018 ‭(Sat & Sun)

時間 Time:2:00 - 7:00pm  

地點 Venue:L6-07 JCCAC 30 Pak Tin Street, Shek Kip Mei, Hong Kong.

查詢 Enquiry:9858 8520 張浩強

Camping on Grassland


曾思允  張浩強  繪畫作品展

Exhibition by Iris Tsang See Wan   Edward Cheung